Monday, March 16, 2009

On the Shelf

I think a dresser full of beautiful platters, plates, glass and silver is just about the loveliest thing to have in a kitchen. Sadly our kitchen doesn't have a dresser but I can dream .... my next house maybe! (please, not a word to Mr Brabourne - I've promised him this is our forever house and I don't want to cause him unnecessary anxiety)
Image 1 - Country Style Image 2 - The White House, Caroline Clifton-Mogg Image 3 - Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw Image 4 - Jason Loucas Image 5 - Tripod Agency


  1. beautiful post! it makes me want to organize my cupboards!

  2. I am so pleased I have just found your site.
    I have just built a home two hours south of Sydney,Australia.
    It's a very 'Hamptons' style area minus the ocean!
    I am an interior designer & am decorating my new home in the style of Nantucket/Hamptons.
    I will keep my eye on your site for inspiration,you have style!
    Thanks, Brian Withers
    Creative Services Int. Pty Ltd.


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