Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunshine Fresh

One of my earliest memories is of my country grandmother doing the washing on Monday morning. The copper would be filled with water and when it was boiling like a witch's cauldron, she'd add the washing. It would bubble away for what seemed like forever and then it was put through the wringer until it resembled flat boards! She would then hang it out on the old wire clothes line where it spent the day in the sunshine and breeze. At sunset it was brought in, folded and put into the ancient linen cupboard. Every time I open my linen cupboard I can smell her cupboard full of sunshine and lavender .... bliss!

Image 1 - Fffound Image 2 - White on White (Stephanie Hoppen) Image 3 - Brabourne Farm Image 4 - Country Homes & Interiors Magazine Image 5 - Laura Resen


  1. You have a great blog. Always beautiful pics for me to explore. And what a positive memory to have as part of your day to day life! Nice.

  2. Ooh your linen cupboard is beautifully organised - everything so lovingly folded. I keep mine quite neat too, and just recently refolded everything in my sister's cupboard!

  3. I love fresh, warm towels. Great pictures. Good post.

  4. How did you know about my weakness for perfectly clean, organized linen cabinets?!!!

  5. What lovely memories Leigh! I have much the same too & my Grannie also used to mix up starch & make sure all her table linen was rigid to within an inch of it's life!
    Millie ^_^


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