Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Study in Elegance

Don't you think these beautiful studies would be the perfect place to read,  write a letter or work from home?  They have everything you need - comfortable chairs, spacious desks and lots of room for all your books!

Image 1 - House & Garden Magazine Image 2 - Architectural Digest Image 3 - Cabbages and Roses Image 4 - Traditional Home Magazine Image 5 - Miles Redd Image 6 - Interiors Magazine


  1. Oh yes, I could see myself in all of them with a great design book!

    Fabulous Finds Gal

  2. I just feel more at home in a house full of books!

  3. You know - I love books so much... I think they are great (ok, almost all of them). A house with books looks like home!

  4. Yes! I love all of these rooms...I dream of having something similar soon :0)

  5. Yes they would! Would love to have one! right now whenever i want to read i do it on my living room in front of my fireplace, not a bad place either!??
    Loved your post on string. Just inspirational!
    Take care sweet Leigh,

  6. The thread of magical scale runs thru each study. YES. Love them all.

    So, where do I get that 'magic scale'?

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. My eyes are all over that shell print in the first shot Leigh.

  8. Ahhh i could only dream of having something like this, one day it will happen! Love pics four and five the most, just stunning.
    Gosh i love this blog,
    Jas x

  9. Oh the first one, the first one please.

  10. 3 & 5 are my favourites, Leigh. I am very lucky to have a study, although, I often end up with my laptop on my lap in the lounge, watching tele and doing my blog !! ....That wasn't the point really, but never mind. I love the ones that you have shown. XXXX

  11. Oh Leigh, they are divine. I love the first one and love the concept of a desk area and a lounge area to sit and contemplate. An elegant study was high on my house scheming list, as hubby and I both work from home. It was the first room I started planning before our build. Despite the fact that our study is really 'Grand Central Husband', I have tried to add a touch of elegance and he secretly loves it. I reckon hubby is so much more in touch with his feminine side now that he has fancy wallpaper and curvacious furniture! He has as many meetings in his study that he can organise..... so elegance is not just for the girls! We are currently sitting in our lovely study with the French Doors flung open, to cope with the heat... so your post was perfectly appropriate for us today! A-M xx

  12. Oh yes I think they would, especially #3.

  13. * Loved seeing A-M's COMMENT just now as I scrolled down to write a note... Am almost done w/ a MBR "redo", & I've gotten it into my head that I NOW want to redo the study next... (Keeps me "out of trouble", "more or less"- And hey! There ARE addictions worse than decorating, right?!?!)... Maybe my husband will join ME in here more, too~~ then, of course, the TV in here is NOT uber king-sized liked "his", sooooo, maybe not!).

    ANyhoooo, I ADORED the first one... think that will be my second inspiration photo for my files!!! It looks PERFECT for MY needs/wants~~~ in fact, it's pretty darn near close to perfect!!!

    GREAT POSTING, Leigh!!!! Thanks so much!!!

    Linda in AZ*

  14. P.S. I just went back to #1 to copy~~~ Noticed that I'd only HAVE to make two lil' changes to make US "totally comfy & hapy"... The pic over the FP would HAVE to have animals (preferably hunting dogs), and the two busts over the bookcases would have to go (probably in favor of some animal bonzes maybe)... That's how MUCH I like that space & feel so comfy in it all!!! THANKS AGAIN! Linda ***

  15. I have to redo my study... these are soooo inspiring!

  16. I have a head full of studies as well.
    Your imades are the best.Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Add a glass of red and I would be all set! x

  18. Oh my~ I absolutely love these images. These will be going into my decorating file. So glad I stopped by! Thanks~jamilyn

  19. I love the first two studies! They are so cozy and would be great to curl up with a book in~


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