Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whitley (A Southern Highland's Garden)

I visited this wonderful old garden this week - it's open for just two days every year!  It was a beautiful day and the roses and other flowers were, as usual, wonderful. 

Images - by Brabourne Farm


  1. What a very special and beautiful garden. Lucky you to see it all in person. I love the boxwood hedges surrounding the flowers.

  2. Its like a slice of England! The house is wonderful! And the gardens look even better!
    What a nice way to spend a day.
    Irene x

  3. Dear Leigh,
    i just fell in love with the 4th picture and can easily imagine a water plant on it!
    I bet you had a great time! it's impossible not to in such a marvellous place!
    Have a gorgeous wk,

  4. What a beautiful place! Love the house in the background of the flowers. I spent a day outside myself. It's nice and warm here right now.

  5. It really looks like the perfect day to visit. What a beautiful garden. The house and gardens look so English, I love it.

  6. how beautiful! The best of both worlds, sun and an english style garden - bliss

  7. Stunning garden!
    Love the 2, 3 and 5th image.
    Have a great weekend Leigh.

  8. Thanks for letting me die and go to heaven for just a few seconds. Have a great weekend, Heidi

  9. Hi - I just came here from Blabbing About Blogs - congrats on being the featured blogger!! SO glad I stopped by here - that place looks just like my house! not. I wish! Can't wait to pop around your blog and check it out. Have a great day ~ ♥

  10. What beautiful gardens and a lovely old house too! I love visiting open gardens.

  11. Just too perfect Leigh - I bet you had the best time wandering around this precious property.
    Millie ^_^


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