Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love .... Tea Cups

Image 1 - Homes & Gardens Magazine Images 2 & 4 - here Image 3 - tongue + groove interiors Image 5 - here Image 6 - Flickr


  1. Leigh..these are adorable..I love the hanging tea cups...was thinking the other day..when I was taking pics of my turquoise stool table..and wanted to find a tea cup with some turquoise on it..I didnt have one...I actually had none..I have gone white on everything when it comes to my crockery...perhaps thats what I should be on the look out for next time shopping..a cute tea set :) x

  2. Me too! I had never thought of cactus in one, but what the heck. It's all quite pretty.

    Happy Holidays,
    Fabulous Finds Gal

  3. haha, the tea cup pendant lights look cute!

  4. I love all these. I just adore tea cups. I love picking up all the orphans at flea markets and in junk and antique stores.

  5. I love it too. I have a little colection of antique tea and coffee cups ...So, what can I say? I loved these tea cups, especially that green one in the 4th picture: beautiful!!

  6. I love teacups too! (take a look on my blog and you will see...) A blogfriend of mine recommended to visit your site... So I did and I must say: I love your blog!
    These pictures you found of teacups are lovely, thanks for sharing them!

    I will visit your blog more often.

    Christmas greetings,
    Jolijn Design
    from the Netherlands

  7. Yes I do too. I'm currently collecting vintage teacups, they are just gorgeous.

  8. Fantastic ideas for all those tea cups we all love to collect I love the spring bulbs !

  9. I love antique teacups, and this collection is beautiful! The hanging light teacups would be perfect for a friend of mine. The potted plants are so sweet;
    Have a fabulous week!

  10. I absolutely adore pretty tea cups and these are all so lovely. I especially like the creative uses shown here like the tea cup planters. Might have to try this myself...


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