Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flowers @ Brabourne Farm

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Images - Brabourne Farm


  1. Your flowers are out of this world. Please forgive my stupidity, but your flowers that line the gravel road are incredible, the name of them slips my memory. I have those in pots here in Texas (although not responsible for planting them). To see them in the masses like that is unbelievably gorgeous. Sweet peas though will always have my heart.
    Lovely Sunday to you Leigh xx

  2. What a beautiful flowers!! I love it:))

    Have a lovely sunday!!


  3. Gorgeous! I wish I was as talented as you are with plants! I'd like to know the name of those beautiful purple flowers also, please. Your roses are beautiful too! Such a lovely place!

  4. Right that tears it. I'm leaving this Godforsaken country with all its snow and cold this instant, do you hear. THIS INSTANT. I simply can't bear it anymore! It will be four more months till the snow thaws and another month still after that for use to see flowers so THANK YOU for sharing your flowers with me.
    Warm regards,

  5. I just found your blog. I'm a rose cultivar collector and always thrilled to see roses en mass. Makes me dizzy with delight. Your garden is stunning, a wonderful job!
    Nice to meet you, Lynea

  6. Your post is so beautiful I think the blue flowers in walk are Lily of the Nile or
    You must have a real Green thumb.
    Enjoyed those beautiful flowers
    looking out at snow....
    Thank you

  7. Do you call them agapanthus too? They are amongst my favourite flowers, this is so perfectly beautiful and serene!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Im with the others on the Agapanthus! Are they yours Leigh? They are all out here in the Dandenongs too, everywhere ~along the roads, in gardens etc.. in fact they are considered a nuisance as the birds drop the seed in the Forests. But I would love to put a swathe of them along our front fence one day.
    Thankyou! Irene x

  9. So stunning!! I am quite obsessed by roses and keep wanting to dig up more of my yard for more rose space!
    Gorgeousness to the max!!

  10. Oh Leigh - how absolutely gorgeous....we are limited to what's in the shops at the moment - looking forward to obviously are a gifted gardener! Happy flower arranging...Susie x

  11. Ohhhh... now you've made me long for spring even more!!!

  12. Oh how stunning! Your pink roses are gorgeous and I love your agapanthus lined driveway!

  13. Ah Leigh, how beautiful. Your home is divine.

  14. Oh my goodness, Leigh, your agapanthus are magnificent. They must love the position they're in. I can't grow them. I think they need more sun.
    .... and the sweet peas and, well, all of them are my favourites.
    A most beautiful post for us in the snowy U.K. It's freezing here.
    Enjoy your garden as I know you will. XXXX

  15. So lovely that you are surrounded by so much natural beauty and colour Leigh...your garden is gorgeous XOX

  16. Gorgeous garden? Do you claim to be the one with the green thumb or do you have a gardener's help?? Either way, the flowers are so stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  17. *Gasping*.....Your posies are totally delish!

    Happy New Year!

    Warm blessings,

  18. Oh Leigh they are all so beautiful and the last one is gorgeous, so neat.

  19. Gorgeous images Leigh, your David Austins and the Pierre de Ronsard make me miss my country rose garden. My city garden doesn't have any roses, but these photos have made me start to make some plans!!!

    Hope the weekend was a lovely one in the garden for you!

  20. Just discovered your can count me in to become an addicted follower as my joy is gardening, especially antique english roses....your gardens are so spectacular. I just went to visit the rose garden in Buenos Aires filled with thousands of Meilland roses...I was in pure heaven. here in New York we have to wait until june for our roses to be in bloom. with 10 degrees temperature to day , i am worried about my roses out there dormant through the winter...
    thank you for these beautiful and uplifting images

  21. How I wish I could have such a magnificent garden and such an array of fresh flowers! One day I will - until then, thank you for sharing yours. It's truly gorgeous :)

  22. Hi Leigh,
    Your property is absolutely breathtaking! And all of your blossoming flowers just make my heart go pitter pat. xoTrina

  23. Lovely to see your Summer roses Leigh. Ours got absolutely cooked over our recent 3 days of 43C. But the good old Agi's survived, bless them.
    Millie ^_^


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