Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sleepy Head

No matter what style you love there's a bedhead just for you.  Modern, rustic, french, wooden, linen - the choices are endless and you're only limited by your imagination!

Image 1 - Decorpad Image 2 - Elle Decor Image 3 - here Image 4 - here Image 5 - here Image 6 - here


  1. I have a slipcovered headboard. I think they make those for people who have design A.D.D like me. I can change out the covers when I get bored:) I agree, there is a bedhead out there for everyone!

  2. Have just discovered your blog and am loving the images you're sharing with the world of bloggers. I could rest comfortably in any of these bedrooms, but the second is my favorite.


  3. They all offer such different looks. All beautiful in their own right. Sweet Dreams xoTrina

  4. Oh so many gorgeous ones, too hard to pick a favorite.

  5. Aloha...ok that was Dreamy!! loved them all
    put a chandelier in the first and I'm in, but the 2nd one is a must ...
    Dreaming in Aloha

  6. Thank you for putting these beautiful pictures of our delight.

    ♥ Ainosofia Finland ♥

  7. Great post leigh...I havent got a bed head at the moment..and havent had for quite some time...but have been loving the look of them when I come across fantastic images such as yours..thanks for sharing x

  8. all gorgeous ... not sure which I prefer, altho the little french one, 4th pic, I think is tugging at the heart strings - hehe!!
    Inspired Living Spaces

  9. I tend to like rustic style, but to me red checked plaid usually fits into the worst category of country... However, I actually think that red checked drape in the last photo is simply gorgeous. Surprisingly airy and fresh looking!

  10. Oh that headboard in the 4th pic is just exquisite!


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