Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lie Back and Relax

Can you think of anywhere nicer to spend a long winter's afternoon than on one of these beautiful things - teamed with a good book and I'm in heaven!


  1. Hi Leigh,

    Hope you are having a good start to your day. Today's images are gorgeous. My favourite is image one and image five. Image 5 reminds me of the Hampton's, I would so love to capture the Hampton's style if I ever built a house one day!!! LOVE LOVE Lanterns...I am keeping my eyes out for some. Will call in again soon.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  2. Oh Leigh, I have missed so much at 'The Farm'. I think I might hang out here for the afternoon, going back over all your posts that I have missed while on dialup! I'll be the one lazing on the chaise near the big 45 light window (yes I counted, I love it!). A-M xx

  3. Wow! I LOVE all those rooms!

  4. A glass of wine would certainly add to the bliss!

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  6. Aren't they wonderful?! smiles.

  7. I'm new to blogs ( I know, where have I been?) and yours is wonderful. I have the white round table in pic's from Ikea and I love it.

  8. There's nothing like a chaise...........nice posting..K

  9. I totally agree. Add a nice cup of tea to that and I'd definitely be purring!

    Speaking of tea, do pop over to my blog and enter my 'Australian bloggers only' give-away of a fabulous 'High Tea' book I helped write.

    Hope you have had a nice weekend.

    x Charlotta


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