Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rack 'em Up

I just love these beautiful plate racks and all the blue and white details - these gorgeous plates are much too lovely to hide away!


  1. These plate racks are great, and the colour styling is wonderful. Sigh ... why can't my house be that tidy? I just know that if I had lovely plate racks with little cup hooks, in no time there'd be car keys fighting for space with the cups and bills and school reports sticking out behind the plates!!
    In another life, perhaps.

  2. The last one, over the coffee maker, that is what I want.
    I have the wall, the space .. where is my rack ??

  3. Oooo, I'm just loving the plate racks and, I love your last post. I'm really into ladders indoors. XXXX

  4. I would love to find a plate rack like the 4th one pictured... searching and searching!!

  5. I Love all the racks above...I am actually drewling for one myself.But until I win the lottery or something so I can make mi kitchen bigger there is no room for one :((((
    However,I am going to buy one for my sons room to put his books in...that´s very cute :)))
    Love all the pictures you´ve usual :))))

  6. I love the third last, so pretty.


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