Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunny Day Bliss

Have a lovely sunny day!


  1. I just found my way to your blog, it's awesome! Your photographs are truly amazing!


  2. You are so right Leigh, each spot who be true bliss. I think I'd quite enjoy the solitude and the time to just 'think'. Wishing you a truly lovely Sunday too. x

  3. Unbelievable gardens! I really loved the colors on the one with blue flowers and the set back bench.

  4. The flowers are just beautiful in these shots...hope you got all your planting done.

  5. We had a picnic lunch today by the river. Sat on a cement bench but it was plenty wide and we could spread out the cheese, salami and bread picked up at the store. Lovely! Truly a sunny day bliss :) And all the more appreciated since it's winter here -- this week we're enjoying temps in the high 60s!

  6. Oh for a sunny day! Nothing but rain here. I love the first picture of the trellis enclosed seat. I am searching for just the right shade of blue to paint some trellis work here - very close to that picture. Thank you for your ever inspirational posts.


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