Friday, November 12, 2010

Handbag Fetish


Just what we need - another reason to buy handbags!


  1. Ooh, Leigh, you sweet thing you! What inspiration :)
    I had never thought to do this. I recently took over a guest room closet to hang my bags in place of clothes. I never thought of the wall! While we are at it, yellow chair and fuscia everything in the 2nd photo...loving it all!
    I have the pink bag on the floor in the bottom floor in a few colours.. Great bag!

    Loved this post Leigh!

    Jeanne xx

  2. I would love to have a "handbag room" just for my treasures...

  3. Very artistic but not surprising as some handbags are so stunning with their detail. I personally have about 25 handbags & believe there is always room for 1 more lol.

  4. Being a bit of a shoe fetishist I really just have to have a handbag to go with each is only reasonable after all...isn't it?!!!!

  5. Hi Leigh
    Could you please let us know if your garden is open this November
    for viewing & when??


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