Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

The rain has gone (for the moment) and the sun's out - a perfect day for gardening and just being outside!


  1. So, so different that what I see outside my window!!

  2. Lovely pictures for a rainy cold sunday morning.

  3. Wow, so that's your weather for today?!!
    Here the snow is laying very thick, at least a meter...
    I thought your post was an old one, at first, being unable to toally comprehend ;-)

    Enjoy your gardening and sunshine!
    Thanks for brautiful pictures!

  4. Oh my...lucky you that you get to garden and enjoy the sun. We have 12-18 inches of snow and it's showing no signs of letting up...Your photos are inspiring, I can't wait for spring already...maureen


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