Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sink Me!

I love old cupboards and drawers used as vanities .... such a lovely and original addition to any bathroom.


  1. Dear Leigh,
    What beautiful and different way with sinks/basins. As always, I love them all. I particularly like the oriental-style one.
    Hav a good week Leigh. XXXX

  2. Thank you for another gorgeous post filled with beautiful images

  3. Sort of like "king me!".....lovely photos....smiles.

  4. ohhh, that retro fitted chinese cabinet is beautiful, imagine waking up to that every morning!!
    I have a brand new look, over at Northern Light, come check it out if you have time, would love to know what you think!!

    Northern Light

  5. ooh la la...think I like the first one best.
    Mary Ann


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