Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Pinks

I love white with just the littlest touch of pink .... pretty!


  1. I love your blog: Every evening before I go to bed (in Germany/Cologne it´s actually 10 p.m.) you post one of your wonderfully matched posts.

    Today´s pink with white with these very small "drops" of black/dark accessoirs is once again perfect. Leaves me satisfied with some impression of perfection. Great.

    Good night greetings from Cologne

  2. Ah yes, my favorite color combo - white and a hint of pink that just works best as an exclamation mark!

    I'm in love with the flower painting on the second picture. Any source?

  3. I agree it looks beautiful. I also like white and a touch of red especially during the winter.


  4. This is without doubt my favourite post of the day in bloggersphere! This is my my favourite look of all time - white white white with POPS of PINK! Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. These rooms are just gorgeous! My bedroom is white with a splash of pink (and dash of silver/ mirrors and glass) and these colours speak to me in volumes!!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms! X

  6. Lovely! The hot pink against clean white is very pretty, very delicate. ~M

  7. I love your taste and the images that you post on your blog are so inspirational. I stumbled across you only today and have spent the afternoon mesmerized by the beautiful rooms, photographs, flowers and paintings. I am also from Australia and have recently moved to Canada, but I would love to know, is Brabourne Farm your/a real location?

    Also, I found a store in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada the other day which I think that you would love. Here is the link to their website if you would like a look ...

    Thank you for you work on this blog, I know that I will be a regular site visitor!

    Emma G. xx


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