Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sitting White

I know a white couch doesn't suit everyone but they certainly do look good!

Images 1 & 5 - Unknown Image 2 - House & Garden Magazine Image 3 - Unknown Image 4 - Helen Turkington Image 6 - UKTV


  1. Fabulous photographs, I'm loving the white sofas! Thanks for sharing Leigh!


  2. It suits me just fine! Beautiful pics'! Thanks for sharing!

  3. it is a strange thing....
    i have always had a white sofa in my liv room.

    xx nice post

  4. I agree Leigh...love the first and second shot.
    Hope you are well. I was thinking of you the other day as I was looking at an upcoming schedule of garden tours in Ireland. I remembered the fantastic photos you took last summer/winter :)

    Best wishes Leigh...

    Jeanne xx

  5. Practical too even though they look high maintenance, especially the slipcovers. I don't like sloppy slip covers though...

  6. I've played with the idea of a white couch over and over for the barn room, but with "black" Ella I think natural linen will cover some of the hair a bit better;) maybe the next room!!


  7. i have 3 of them! scary i know... but slip covered... so it works!
    love this post leigh... wishing you a wonderful week... xx

  8. I love white couches,
    they look neat and lovely.
    I don't have a white couch at home,
    but I have white slipcovers,
    they are easier to maintain ♥

  9. I want a cozy/lazy white couch! Love all the images on this blog. totally my style!


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