Saturday, February 21, 2009

Up the Garden Path

Today is gardening day - we're mowing, weeding and starting the annual agapanthus harvest. There are over 10,000 flowers to be chopped off so I'm hoping for fine weather (and a hot shower and a large G&T at the end of the day).

Image 1 - Perfect English, Ros Byam Shaw


  1. Have a very productive day Leigh. MOTH & I 'called' in a birthday IOU from Son #4 for a day's worth of gardening in our 'jungle' last Sunday & so we got though a lot of chores. However I was so stiff & sore I just about had to be carried inside at beer o'clock! Your Agi's are looking fantastic - ours here in the Adelaide Hills are struggling (hard to believe I know!) because of the blistering heat.
    Millie ^_^

  2. It's cooler here this weekend. I'm working today but hope to do some gardening tomorrow. I only have obout 30 flower heads to cut so your task seems incredible
    Kind Regards


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