Friday, February 20, 2009

Why Wait for the Weekend to have Fun

The weekend's here! You could muck around in a boat, hit the open road or sail off into the sunset - what's it to be?

Image 1 - Richard Bailey Image 2 - Country Homes and Interiors Magazine Image 3 - Homes and Gardens Magazine

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  1. Hi Leigh,

    Beautiful, beautiful blog and thank you for addng my link. The image above by Richard Bailey was shot at a location in Mittagong that I organised for Vogue, the little antique boat that she is sitting in I found and delivered to the shoot on the back of my car, Tory Collison is the fashion editor at Vogue and also an old friend, she is so talented and clever.

    This is the prettiest photograph and the other images in this story were also very beautiful. Richard has been photographing for Vogue for well over 25 years, he was photographing when I was there and he is an amazing photographer.

    xx Coty


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