Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dreaming of Winter

Now that autumn is here I've started dreaming of winter, my very favourite time of the year! I just love to sit by a crackling fire on a cold night - it's my idea of heaven.
We had a lot of trouble with our fireplace when we first moved into the house. Our house is on a hill in a high wind area and sometimes (not always) the wind comes down the chimney and fills the room with smoke - this isn't great when you have a large group of friends for dinner! After many changes, including converting to gas and back again, the fire now works and we've got a wonderful open fire. Hopefully winter will be cold this year here in the Highlands and it will get a lot of use.

Images 1 & 6 - Mikkel Vang Image 2 - Hugh Burden Image 3 - Ffffound Image 4 - Unknown Image 5 - Painted Country (Tricia Guild)

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  1. Yes, life with an open fire never runs smooth Leigh! In Winter MOTH spends more time & energy collecting, chopping, lugging, setting, cleaning, poking, huffing & cussing for our fire more than anything else. You've chosen such evokative images, the fffounnd one of the kitchen is just gorgeous.
    Millie ^_^


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