Sunday, March 8, 2009

Garden - Before and After

Before - shortly after the house was finished, Mr Brabourne taking Jock for a walk. It looks like a moonscape - it's only when you look at photos that you realise how much things have changed.

After - what a difference seven years makes!

Same view - different angle.

Before - the dovecote in the kitchen and rose garden.

After - the dovecote had lavender around it but I took it out a few weeks ago and I'm now trying to think of a suitable replacement. Coastal rosemary maybe?

Looking through the hedge into the kitchen and rose garden.


  1. Hi Karen,thank you for your lovely comment - it's much appreciated.

  2. What a simply amazing garden! It must be such a joy to view and walk in this garden each day. Lee :)

  3. Bravo to you both - firstly for the foresight in planning & then for all your hard work. You have created such an incredible garden, what pleasure it must give you each day. Thank you Leigh for sharing these inspirational images.
    Millie ^_^


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