Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In the Frame

One of the huge loves of my life is black and white photography. Photos can be displayed anywhere in the house and everything doesn't have to match. What could be better - your own beautiful collection on view for the world to see!
Image 1 - Interior Decorating Homes Image 2 - Contacts Photography Agency Image 3 - Ted Yarwood Image 4 - Lizzie Orme Image 5 - Maree Homer Image 6 - Country Homes & Interiors Magazine Image 7 - Homes and Gardens Magazine


  1. I love seeing clusters of photos together - its such an interesting way to display important people and events in your life! I love the examples you have chosen too. Tracey xx

  2. I love the images in this post! I did a post today that contains a magnificent framed series of black and white photos above the bed. I think you will like it!

  3. I agree! I have a dream binder and one tearsheet (that I've had for years) was Bruce Weber's living room with a wall like this. This was such a perfect post. Thank You!


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