Friday, March 20, 2009

It's the Weekend .... Indulge Yourself!

Perhaps .... a sleep in?

Breakfast in bed?
A relaxing spa treatment?
Lunch with a friend?
A cosy afternoon tea and chat with your closest confidant?

Or put on your prettiest dress and dance the night away?

Image 1 - Polly Wreford Image 2 - House & Garden (British) Image 3 - Gemma Comas Image 4 - Jeff McNamara Image 5 - Lucas Allan Image 6 - Deborah McLean


  1. Now that sounds like a perfect weekend! What beautiful images. Unfortunately for me, my weekend will be filled with propagating plants, cleaning up the garden, installing a new dishwasher, and tracking down some fabric for my new bay window seat. Hope you have a lovely weekend Leigh. Lee :)

  2. All of the above please! Hope you have a special weekend too.
    Clare x

  3. This is wonderful, and marvelous, and I love your blog!
    Have a lovely weekend~


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