Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summer Breeze

Close your eyes. Imagine a warm summer afternoon - ice tinkling in the lemonade jug, dogs barking in the distance, the smell of newly mown grass, a gentle breeze playing through these beautiful muslin curtains. You're getting sleepy ......
Image 1 - Vogue Living Image 2 - Lara Moss Image 3 - Cabbages and Roses Image 4 - British Homes & Gardens


  1. * What a STROKE of LUCK to "find" you!!! WOW!!! I fell in love just from your HEADER, let alone your following PICS! FABULOUS!!! Now I must go look at everythign ELSE you have here!!! How DELIGHTFUL!!! Many warm thanks, Linda (in AZ)

  2. OH wow! what a discovery! LOVE!!! Now to go back.............


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