Monday, April 27, 2009

Bath Time

I don't think there's anything more luxurious than a beautiful white bathroom. I love the way these bathrooms have been furnished like rooms - it makes them look so comfortable and inviting, the perfect place to indulge in a spa experience.
Image 1 - here Image 2 - Amanda Lambert Interior Design Image 3 - David Jimenez Design Image 4 - Tony Sheffield Image 5 - GP Schafer Architecture Image 6 - Jamie Hadley


  1. I agree with you. Seems almost decadent to be afforded the luxury of an arm chair in a bathroom. But I'd go for it in a heartbeat!

  2. All beautiful white bathrooms. I know that if I could have something like bathroom #3 I'd be a very happy woman. Lee :)

  3. I love the sofa arm chair next to the bath. How luxurious!

  4. Love these bathrooms - especially when I compare it to the very dated black tiled bathroom that we inherited with our new house! I love the inclusion of antiques and art and of course, those piles of fluffy white towels untouched by chocolately little faces!
    Clare x

  5. love your blog... and fun to see my friend john granen's photos! he is brilliant.. he does all of my photography ...


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