Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be My Guest

We love having friends stay for the weekend so to me it's really important to have somewhere lovely for them to enjoy their visit. My guest room necessities are beautiful, sunshine fresh sheets and a plump doona, a soft throw, a jug of iced water, fresh, fluffy towels and bathrobe, books and magazines, flowers, candles and a big dose of Southern Highlands night air!
Image 1 - John Minshaw Designs Image 2 - Tripod Agency Images 3 & 5 - Narratives Photo Agency Image 4 - Todhunter Earle Interiors Image 6 - Vallone Design


  1. Fixing up our guest room is on my to do list for this month. Around here, this is the time when guests start arriving. Like you, I'm all about good linens and lots of reading material.

  2. I really like your little spot here. I don't know why we got away from having twin beds. I really like the look of them, standing like two identical soldiers in a room.

  3. If any of these were my bedroom I don't think I would ever get out of bed, pure heaven, gorgeous x

  4. Nothing is nicer than a plump doona and freshly washed and ironed sheets - white of course!
    Agree with your list we also include tea/ coffee facilities incase they want a drink first thing.

  5. Gosh, I wish I had room in my little house for a guest room. These are all beautiful examples. I really loved the lamps with the hat shades in the 3rd pic - I've never seen anything quite like them before.

    Also, just wanted to thank you for your great suggestions for my Sydney visit - all have been written into my notebook with addresses. So looking forward to a weekend away. Lee :)


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