Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glimpses @ Brabourne Farm


This beautiful throw was knitted by a friend as a house warming present - it took her months! It's just exquisite and one of my very favourite things.

Mr Brabourne's Easter baking .... yum yum!

The last of the summer roses.

Images - Brabourne Farm


  1. Hi Leigh,
    Beautiful pics ! better than the magazine ones :)
    your knitted throw is so beautiful..i love needlework , but have always shied away from knitting.i am inspired to give it a try now .

  2. Hi, I just found your blog and am reading every post. I wanted to tell you it is great. I am loving all the pictures. Thanks for all the ard work. xo, MB

  3. These glimpses are beautiful!
    I could curl up under that cozy throw and eat yummy bread all day :)

  4. Leigh - your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love the beautiful, warm colour you've painted your walls. Can you share the name of the paint with me? Lee :)

  5. Hi, the photos are gorgeous as is your blog which I adore. I especially love the old birdcage.
    L x

  6. Leigh, Gorgeous... but torture... there has to be more .... and more... more glimpses?... daily? A-M xx

  7. That throw is divine, every autumn I get the urge to knit and this may just be the inspiration I need.

  8. Lovely pieces put together with the great style we all know you have in buckets Leigh!
    Millie ^_^

  9. absolutely stunning glimpses. Just perfection.

  10. You have created such beautiful 'still lifes' in your home Leigh. I'm totally in love with that box in the first image - what is it exactly? And I take it that it is an antique? Do tell!

  11. Hi Catherine

    Thank you for your lovely comment. The box - it's an old cash box that I've had forever. It's had many uses - at the moment it's near the door and is home to the dogs' leads and the binoculars; not very romantic but very useful!



  12. Thanks for letting me know! I love that you have put it to good use, a beautiful object used for practical purposes is a good thing in my book!


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