Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Open Approach

Open kitchen shelves are the perfect place to store and display your china and glassware. It doesn't matter if its old or new, your everyday dinner set or most beautiful treasures - displayed together they look wonderful and give your kitchen its own character.
Image 1 - The White Home (Caroline Clifton-Mogg) Image 2 - Images 3, 5 & 6 - Country Living Magazine Image 4 - Johh Gruen


  1. I've always liked the open shelf look. I'd always thought that it had to be very organised though, but after seeing theimage with the small art-workstuckedontot he shelves as well, I think I like the slightly eclectic look too :)

  2. Can I get my open pantry to look half as gorgeous as these Leigh? There is a skill. I hope I've got it?! A-M xx

  3. I love your collection of open approach. So pretty or eye catching. I just rearranged my kitchen after I've read your blog and came back living you a comment. Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection of photos.

    x Julie

  4. Oh, I love this post and I love your beautiful blog!

  5. I wish my husband agreed. He thinks the cabinets should have doors. I would have those doors off in a minute, but we had the house remodeled and paid for them just over a year ago!

  6. Love that blackboard in the door panelling idea. Mental note.


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