Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Place to Dream

As we spend about one third of our lives in bed, our bedroom should be beautiful and luxurious, a room to relax and pamper ourselves in. Be indulgent! Go for pure comfort - beautiful linen and pillows, soft lit lamps. Surround yourself with your beautiful treasures and photos. Make it a place you look forward to returning to at the end of the day!
Also, a big happy birthday to the gorgeous Lee over at Glimpse of Style (have a look at her blog - you'll love it). Hope you have a wonderful day Lee full of lovely, lovely things!

Image 1 - P and T Interiors Image 2 - O at Home Magazine Images 3 & 5 - Traditional Homes Magazine Image 4 - Paul Massey Image 6 - Bruce Hemming Image 7 - Better Homes & Gardens Image 8 - Branca Interiors


  1. Oooh! That last green one is heavenly! Yes, I try to make my bedroom as peaceful as possible. I read at night to relax before sleep, and use an aromatherapy machine to spread sweet aromas throughout the room. Also, spray lavender on your pillow slips to help induce sleep.

  2. I could really dream in the third photo... and the rug could serve as my magic carpet as I am dreaming.

  3. This has reminded me to finish up some small projects in my bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Beautiful photos, photos 1 & 3 are my favourites!

  5. Hi Leigh, I just got home from my birthday dinner & thought I would quickly check out a few of my favourite blogs before I tucked myself in for the night, and of course I had to come see what your daily post was...and I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely, lovely birthday wishes. A very lovely way to end my birthday. Lee xx

  6. Ah yes, my bedroom is my haven. I love keeping it uncluttered and crisp and clean, even if the rest of the house isn't looking so good!


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