Monday, April 13, 2009

A Quiet Corner

A comfy chair, a cashmere throw, a good book and a cup of tea - what more could you need, especially if the chair is one of these gorgeous chaise longues. Is any bedroom complete with out one of these luxurious necessities?
Image 1 - Homes & Gardens Magazine Image 2 - SIA Home Furnishings Image 3 - Victoria Pearson Image 4 - Don Duchars Image 5 - Unknown Image 6 - James Michael Howard Image 7 - Visualxchange Image 8 - Karyn R Millet

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  1. Dear Leigh,
    Thank you for visiting (and following) as it has allowed me to discover your fabulous blogs and see your beautiful home. If you are ever interested in swapping lives just let me know :)
    Sara (The Cricket Wife)


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