Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tablescapes are another of my very favourite things! They're such a lovely way to display collections of old and new treasures and give such an insight into the personality of the person who gathers these interesting bits and pieces together. Love 'em.
Image 1 - Country Living Image 2 - Island Life (India Hicks) Image 3 - Hans Zeegars Image 4 - Francesco Lagneses Image 5 - Marco Ricca Image 6 - Evan Skler


  1. Any time you want to organize a Tablescape Weekend Workshop in the Southern Highlands Leigh, I'll be there in a flash! Despite trying, I'm really not that good at it, so I'd love some hints & tips. Happy Anniversary to you & dear Mr. Brabourne - April 8th is a very good date!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Hi Leigh,
    Oh... its your Anniversary ... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Leigh ... I was just about to leave you with ... love your post note ... but well, what do you know :) ...Have a great day ... and how about a special moments post .I am so sure you'll comeup with this beautiful bunch of pictures and all looking lovely.

  3. Love the photos, the one with the moth orchids and blue & white plates is my favourite.

    Happy anniversary


  4. I love it when people include unexpected items in their tablescapes like the matches in one of the photos above. And don't those ducks look happy swimming along that runner. My favourite image is the top one though. Another winning post!
    Clare x

  5. I'm totally with you Leigh - tablescapes are what make a home look really unique, filled with your significant treasures.


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