Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Love .... Bentwood Chairs

Image 1 - Carrier and Company Image 2 - Caroline Arber Images 3 & 5 - Suzy Hoodless Image 4 - David Hicks Design


  1. The next to the last photo, those black chairs around that round table.. I love them so ..
    I have a Thonet dining table and chairs but they are from the Modern collection.. they are not bent into curly forms but are more sculpted into a slightly bent spider leg shape .. I have to find a photo .. they are wonderful.
    I am looking now for a Bentwood rocker in good shape for the living room.. It will be perfect ..

  2. Karen @ Garden, Home and Party said...
    I love bentwood chairs! When my husband and I were first married we had a set of 4. I'm sad now that we got rid of them. I believe we (code for me) wanted English splat back pub chairs (which we still have and love).

    I love your blog site.


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