Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Artistic Animals


What better way to decorate a room than to use paintings and photos of animals. All the animals in these "pawtraits" look so serious as though they knew they were going to become lovely works of art!

Image 1 - Amelia T Handegan Design Inc Image 2 - Bilhuber & Assoc Image 3 - Karl Juengel Image 4 - Decorpad Images 5, 6, 7 - House Beautiful


  1. oh so lovely paintings! those donkeys are so cute! xo

  2. My hands are up for the cow one. Love it.

  3. They are just great, the cow is hysterical!

    Thank you for your visit and comments, very kind.

    PS Archie and Dougal would be fabulous in oils! I'm sure they would take it just as seriously. (love to see some more photo's of them).

  4. Such a fun post!! I love all the paintings! I love the whimsical paintings in these beautifully decorated rooms.

  5. Love these 'pawtraits'- I'm in the middle of an old dairy farm and would like a cow portrait to hang somewhere!
    Thanks for visiting In My House, too.

  6. I love, love, love the little piggies or should I say BIG piggies !! and loved your little pun. XXXX

  7. You always find the best images!
    I love the little dog with the brown patch over his eye in the third photo.

  8. Great art!Of course I am impartial to the dogs :o)


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