Friday, July 3, 2009

Love .... Geraniums

Image 1 - Unknown Images 2, 3, 4 - Flickr Image 5 - Brabourne Farm


  1. I love the first photo, I have the same chair on the balcony at Maison de Poitiers and I have similar shutters at Maison No. 20, I am hoping to get the painting finished by the end of the weekend :-)


    ps the heatwave continues here, I miss airconditioning a lot!

  2. I love them too...I just wish they smelled better!

  3. I have adored geraniums since we lived in Hungary. Even the ugliest, most communist of buildings had been given window boxes full of them by the residents which made me smile every time I saw them. They grew amazingly over there - my plants here always look more leggy.
    Clare x

  4. Geranuims in red are it for me. they just scream whimsy & nostalga..& I have no clue why. My mom never planted them so its just an inner feeling.
    Have a red geranium weekend!!!


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