Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garden Benches

Spring seems to be early this year so I'm madly pruning roses again today. It was a beautiful, warm day in the garden yesterday. There were birds everywhere - my favourites, gorgeous little blue wrens, kept me company as they darted in and out of the hedges and played in the water when I was watering. I've also got more seedlings to plant in the new vegetable garden today - wild rocket, spinach, beetroot .... and I'm moving the herbs in the kitchen garden to a new bed. Enjoy your Sunday!

Image 1 - Velvet Pears (Susan Southam) Images 2 & 7 - The Balanced Garden (Paul Bangay) Image 3 - Soane Image 4 - Henk Bransden Image 5 - 1000 Garden Ideas (Stafford Cliff) Image 6 - Brabourne Farm


  1. Love these garden benches, but can never seem to find the perfect one for me!

  2. What a lovely post - I am loving the little bench under the arbor at the end of the brick path, aaahh.

  3. Would love to run away and hide with a stash of mags on the gorgeous bench in the 4th picture. Inspiring as always xxx

  4. I love benches in the garden, they seem to be saying come sit and enjoy the surroundings. Somehow I never take the time to just sit and watch life in the garden...maybe tomorrow I will just do that!

  5. I cannot wait till i have a big enough place for a vegie garden!! x


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