Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coffee Break

There are so many choices of things to use for coffee tables - old luggage and trunks, ottomans, glass with metal frames, traditional wooden tables .... the list is endless. My favourite - ottomans! What's yours?
Image 1 - Home: Creative Interiors for Everyday Living Image 2 - Branca Interiors Image 3 - Country Homes & Interiors Magazine Image 4 - CarterTyberghein Image 5 - Look Mum Image 6 - Homes and Gardens Magazine Image 7 - Kerry Joyce Interior Design


  1. If I had the space (I have a very small living area with two side tables), I'd love a large, square rustic timber and metal coffee table. The more battered the better! Mind you, at the same time, I like every single one of the coffee tables in this post. Nothing like being indecisive is there. Have a great day. Lee :)

  2. Love love love all the photos and beautiful decor ideas! Thanks once more.
    Have a great day,

  3. My favorite by far is an ottoman! I love that it is soft for the kiddos and love that you can pull in close and make a nice snuggle area with the hubby. Great photos, Thanks!


  4. Ah hah, you know what I like about #1, the fire and that rather nice decanter full of something soothing I'll bet. Mmmm

  5. I love ottomans too, but with my children often ending up eating their Weet-bix at the coffee table they are not very practical at my place. I have a huge coffee table with a battered wooden top which I love - it is not too precious to put feet up on and will hold all our plates for a tv dinner if required!
    Clare x

  6. I love how you do themes Leigh. I am looking for a coffee table for my Great Room at this very moment. I'll take no 1 one please. A-M xx

  7. Love that ottoman too Leigh, but I'd have to have something a little more flat & 'stable' for Mr. Clumsy aka MOTH to rest his full beer glass on!
    Millie ^_^


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