Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Drinks are on Us!

There's something welcoming about these bar areas and the beautiful collections of drinks, glassware, cocktail shakers and ice-buckets all ready for guests to help themselves. Cheers!

Image 1 - We Heart It Image 2 - David Jimenez Design Image 3 - House and Garden Magazine Image 4 - Vogue Living Image 5 - A Place for Everything (Peri Wolfman and Charles Gold) Image 6 - Country Home Magazine Image 7 - Elle Decor


  1. I always believe that each bar design should be unique. Each set up here goes by its own theme, and they look fantastic.


  2. I love the simplicity - rather than making the drinks a focal point, they are incorporated into the lovely surroundings.

  3. Thank you for providing my morning fix of beautiful photos...really do appreciate it.

  4. Gorgeous selections! I'll take a drink...

    Fabulous Finds Gal

  5. Love the look of a nice drinks tray - so sophisticated! Tracey xx

  6. Such inspiration. Have just set up a basic bar in hubby's study... lots of ideas here. You always do the most relevant posts at the most relevant times for me Leigh! Amazing!! A-M xx

  7. Great inspiration as always, thanks for sharing.

  8. Love these pictures! I am on the hunt for a seltzer bottle to start my own little "bar". Great inspiration pictures! Paula

  9. Absolutely love that top picture!!

    Do you have a link to that site?
    Blessings on you day.

    Thank for coming by.

    Barbara Jean

  10. Oh my goodness.....I have just got to have everything in the first has everything for me.....oh.. I love it soooo much.I want my whole house to look like that...sorry, I've got carried away...I love the others, as well.....BUT, I love the first one !!!!!!! Does it come from a series of photos from the same house? XXXX

  11. oh my, these bar areas are so gorgeous! it's one of my favorite corners of the house!

    p.s.: I'm giving away a gold leaf pendant. don't miss it!

  12. Most elegant & civilized I say. No need to even brave the cold & wander down to the Pub. Leigh.
    Millie ^_^


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