Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bright and Beautiful Bedrooms

It would be impossible not to wake up bright and happy in these gorgeous bedrooms - how could you start the day grumpy when you're surrounded with so much colour and fun!

Images1 & 2 - Homes & Gardens Magazine Image 3 - Nathan Kirkman Image 4 - Sue Ferris @ Lizard Agency Image 5 - Marie Claire Maison Image 6 - Jane Coslick Design Image 7 - here


  1. Beautiful choices there, I like the first, though I suspect it's because I love the little dog and all those shoes!

  2. For me, these rooms are like candy. I can't choose between them! I do really like that yellow and pink room, though. I know I wouldn't choose it for myself, but there's something magical about those bold colors together. xo Gigi

  3. Yes. They are lovely. I love the low hanging chandelier in the first photo.

  4. I'll take bedroom #4 please. Actually, these are so gorgeous I'd have any of them. Lee :)

  5. * What a departure from what you usually post, Leigh~~~"WOW"!

    I might agree w/ you about WAKING UP, OK... buuuut GIRLFRIEND (whose BLOG I love & never miss!), how does one go to S-L-E-E-P in these spaces???

    (And you KNOW that's not meant to be ugly... am really serious here!!!)~

    Warmest wishes!
    Linda in AZ *

  6. Well, I think ther's something for everyone here. If I had to choose I think it would be number 6 as it's young(unlike me, but hey !!!), colourful, ccomfortable and I would think, quite easy to do at not too much cost.Really lovely. XXXX

  7. You made my day by simply posting that first room! It's been a rough week D:

    Such lovely rooms, great, great inspiration. Thank you ~ deb

  8. Beautiful! Love Jane Coslick design!!

  9. the top photo is stunning


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