Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love .... A Boy and His Dog

I just love this old family photo of this darling little boy and his dog. Sadly, I don't know much about him but I think he died not long after the photo was taken, which was at least 75 years ago. Isn't he gorgeous .... his sweet little face, the fisherman's rib sweater and cap, the soft leather buckle shoes, the wonderful dog.


  1. It is so sad this precious child died so young!! I have a similar photo of my grandfather and a dog from soooo long ago. It is one of my favorites.
    Happy weekend.
    xxx kim

  2. Nothing sweeter than the bond between a child and a dog.

  3. What a beautiful photo, Leigh! It's so sad that this little boy died at such a young age. How wonderful that your family kept this photo all these years, though. Between the cap and the dog and the adorable expression on the boy's face, this is an irresistible photo! xo Gigi

  4. Gorgeous photo Leigh
    I have many family photos that I don't know who they were, nor their stories. This one is darling and so sad that he died so young. I love his hesitant little smile! Have a great weekend. x Julie

  5. Oh it really is adorable, that is heartbreaking that he died so young.

  6. what a charming photograph. so sweet and so sad.

    I have a collection of photo post cards of little girls and their dogs, and also of just dogs. Since photographs were so expensive back then I love that someone loved their pet that much to have a photo taken of them.


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