Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Neutral Territory

There's nothing boring about beautiful neutrals - they're understated and elegant. From chocolate brown to creamy white, what could be lovelier than a room filled with beautiful linens and burlaps, raw silks, dark wooden floors, sisal, soft cashmere ... all these gorgeous things create a soothing and relaxing place to be.

Image 1 - We Heart It Image 2 - Homes & Gardens Magazine Image 3 - Mark Lanning Image 4- visualxchange Image 5- House Beautiful Image 6 - here Image 7 - French and Country


  1. wow, wow, wow. Especially that first photo of the bedroom. My colors for sure. Doesn't that chair look inviting and that bed looks scrumptious! Love the headboard, the lights - how about everything!

  2. Love the glam factor in using silver frames en masse in the second pic. It makes a nice change from the black frames and creates a cohesive link to the glass and silver fixtures in the bathroom. Beautiful post as always thank you....Lyn from linihome

  3. Thankyou so much for this post. The bathroom in the 3rd pic has given me hope. I bought what I thought were white mosaic tiles for the splahback in our ensuite but when I got them on the wall they were green and for some reason remind me of a dentist's surgery, not a happy thought when I'm brushing my teeth! Now I see how I can use them to my advantage. Ange

  4. First of all, don't know how I managed to miss your claw foot bath post.....your too quick for me !!!! I hate it when I miss one, Leigh....sorry.
    I love claw feet baths......unfortunately, I haven't got one!!!!
    I love this neutral palate....something that you can't go wrong with and I don't think that it ever dates, either.
    I love the first and third one and the last of the gardeners apron and basket is very Country Living. XXXX

  5. Love neutrals... any color added just makes the room pop... great way to feature special pieces of furniture or accents...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. I couldn't agree more Leigh! I love neutrals, as I love texture- and nothing makes you really see the texture of fabrics like neutrals.

  7. Love those gorgeous french chairs, x

  8. I tell you, you give me so much inspiration for my new home, have just copied #1 into my home folder (sits with a few other finds from your good self). It really is beautiful.

    Thanks Leigh,

  9. You just keep wowing me Leigh! I have just started to incorporate more neutrals and whites into my home and I love it.
    How bout that chandelier in your first pic, amazing.


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