Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's the Weekend!

Come on, rise and shine!

Don't wait for the fun to start.

Call for the car,

catch the train

or load up the vespa!

Kick up your heels - there are fun things to do!

No matter what you do, enjoy your weekend!

Image 1 - here Image 2 - Country Homes & Interiors Magazine Images 3 & 6 - Country Style Image 4 - Tattler Image 5 - Marie Claire Image 7 - here Image 8 - Unknown Image 9 - Pascal Chevallier Image 10 - here


  1. you always find the BEST images!! i love to visit here......

  2. I want to be doing what you're doing this weekend, Leigh. I looks like fun. I'll be over in the morning. XXXX

  3. What fabulous photos! The loaded up vespa cracked me up. Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo isa

  4. Love all the pictures! Have a wonderful weekend! ; ) Trina

  5. Great photos!! wonderful way to get you out of bed!
    Happy wk,

  6. What fun photos! Love those red wellies. Have a fabulous weekend, Leigh! xo Gigi

  7. Well Leigh
    You certainly are a morning person.. full of cheer and gorgeous images.

    I am so so glad it is the weekend and have a chance to catch up on blogs [amongst other things].... Just LOVE the bathroom post below too... perfect choices!!

    Have a great weekend. ciao ciao x Julie

  8. Autumn weekends are the best, aren't they??
    Love those red wellies!

  9. lovely lovely photos...i want the weekend you're having! have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Great images! I love the retro feel of them especially. Hope you have a super weekend! thanks for sharing.

  11. What a beautiful, happy collection of shots. Hope your weekend was relaxing.


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