Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love ... (More) Bamboo

Image 1 - Greg Sheidmann Image 2 - Monica Buck Images 3 & 4 - James Carriere Images 5 & 6 - Homes & Gardens Magazine


  1. Oh, Leigh, I love, love, love bamboo. I own a few small vintage bamboo bookcases, a couple of tables, and the floors in my loft are even bamboo! It goes so well with a mix of styles and periods that I never grow tired of it. I really like the last photo in this series: bamboo chair and beadboard walls--gorgeous!

    xo Gigi

  2. Loooove bamboo. Got lots of it growing on my land. Hmmm, gotta think what I could do with it. These gorgeous photos give me ideas. Love the chairs in photo are wonderful. My kind of comfy chairs! Love your posts!!

  3. Bamboo is the best! With our bath remodel I am taking the bamboo floor plunge. Love it in all forms. Green + lovely :D


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