Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love .... (More) Old Typewriters

Image 1 - Country Living Magazine Image 2 - Unknown Image 3 - here Image 4 - Lonny Magazine Image 5 - here Image 6 - here


  1. I have longed for one of these old relics from another time for my garden room.

  2. I love these, too, Leigh! My husband and I have one almost exactly like the third photo down, and I love having it out on one of our antiques desks. We are both writers by trade, so it's nice to have this connection to our work that's also really fun to look at. It still works, too! xoxo Gigi

  3. Ahh there is something so nifty about old typewriters, love them.

    Gosh the red is a knockout in #1!

  4. The first picture from Country Living of the red room is my house! That was the coolest typewriter! It had a wooden space bar that was worn down from years of use! Craig and I call them boat anchors cause they are so heavy!

    Stop by and check out my blog, I would be happy to see you.



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