Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lay the Table

Wouldn't one of these gorgeous tables be the perfect place to gather family and friends for lunch or dinner?  There would certainly be plenty of room for everyone!

Image 1 - Home Beautiful Images 2 & 6- Unknown Image 3 - Canadian House and Home Magazine Image 4 - Elle Decor Image 5 - ARA Design Studio


  1. Love that first table, so pretty!

  2. Love this round-up. My favourite is the third one down. Can't resist that industrial patina!

  3. I like 2 & 3.....but if you're giving them away, I'll take any of them !!
    Fabulous dining rooms, Leigh.... does your house and garden still look as wonderful ? I'm am still feeling a little envious !! XXXX

  4. I love this collection! My favorite is the last one- the green and cream is irresistible.

  5. I cant choose one! .... they're all fantastic!!

    The first one for my loft apartment in NY...
    The second for my London pad ...
    The third for the beach house ...
    And the last one for my French chateau!

    .... I wish!

  6. They sure are beautiful and magnificent! Don't know as I'd have a room big enough though. I love that standing fan also.

  7. I might need two or three of those tables in order to fit everyone... just me, hubby and the kids fill up most of them. Agghh, the joys of a large family! I love all the lighting in those photos, that is definitely what my dining room is missing.
    Clare x

  8. I'm back ... just realized that I completely missed the first 2 images!
    So start the count from image 3 ...
    Have a great day!

  9. That first space is lovey, i do adore the bright flower arrangement and the natural light from outside.

  10. Beautiful! I like the first picture with the striking table runner, flowers, candles and the door opening in the warm and inviting!!

  11. So glad you enjoy photos from Canadian House & Home! Please feel free to hyperlink to us at at


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