Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lunch in the Sun

Why don't you find somewhere beautiful for Sunday lunch - enjoy!

Images 1 & 3 - Pure Style Outside (Jane Cumberbatch) Image 2 - here Image 4 - House & Garden Magazine Image 5 - Homes & Gardens Magazine Image 6 - Lonny Magazine


  1. Beautiful outside eating, Leigh....if only we could do some of that here in the U.K. Unfortunately it's rather chilly and pouring with rain !! XXXX

  2. I love the second table setting with the mixed styles of white chairs. Perfect!

  3. Love the second and last the paper lanterns..just so festive and pretty. Thanks for sharing :) hope you are having a lovely sunday. Anna x

  4. Ahhh! Thank you for those sunny pictures. Here in Massachusetts it is cold and damp. My daughter is fighting the flu and we are all worn out. It would be great to have lunch outside like that right now with the sun on us. I think we would all feel better!


  5. The long white table under the woodland trees reminds me very much of our own dining table inside our huge magnolia tree. The best place for a springtime breakfast!

  6. * Dear Leigh~

    EVERY PIC is inviting & as lovely n' comfy-looking as can be, yet it's the "strangest" thing~~~ (and this has ONLY happened a few times in blogland for me)~~~ but, all I could think of was our SOLDIERS, soooo far away from home & spread out so thinly, being able to enjoy even just an hour of this as a "break" from the lives they are NOW living.

    It makes me want to cry as I think of them & how many "nice things" they deserve and are "missing" now...

    THANK YOU, girlfriend. This was LOVELY!

    Linda in AZ *

  7. Mmm yes please... I think the second and last look super chic and comfortable too.

  8. Hi Leigh
    Well even though I am still working weekends at least I can get a bit of weekend beauty via your blog

    Would love to be sitting at any one of these beauties right now.

    Take care xx Julie

  9. Dear Leigh - Would love to be setting a lovely French linen tablecloth outside today but as it's pouring and decidedly cold..we shall be off to the George & Dragon for roast beef & yorkshires instead! Enjoy your Sunday lunch, inside or out...Warm wishes, Susie x

  10. Ok! I will have my breakfast : 1st and 4th, please!!!!

  11. Ohhhh, I would love to have Sunday lunch in any of these photos!! Will you join me?!

  12. Oh so summery .... I can't wait to enjoy a summer back in Oz this Xmas.
    A bit soggy and muddy in my garden at the moment!
    Hope your weekend was great!

    I've passed an award on to you Leigh!


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