Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love .... Busts

Image 1 - Homes & Garden Magazine Image 2 - Gary Spain Design Images 3 & 5 - House & Garden Magazine Image 4 - here Image 6 - Skona Hem


  1. Love these, so pretty. I have to find one for my house!

  2. I've always wanted a bust, but have never quite figured out how to make it fit with my decor. I really love numbers 1 and 6! I might have to find a window and stack some books and find my "own" lovely bust!

    Hope you're having a relaxing Wednesday...we're that much closer to the weekend!

    Kat :)

  3. Great pics leigh...wouldnt it be great if you could have something made like this of someone you admire or a loved one passed away...etc...does that sound too creepy? lol

  4. Hi Leigh, I so agree but thats not a phrase you hear every day from a lady, haha. I have one in my garden that I love, that originally belonged to my mother in law. cheers Katherine

  5. These are so very lovely! I have not seen any beautiful busts like this for a long time! What a delightful memory! Thank you!


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