Monday, February 1, 2010

Turquoise Days

Isn't this the most beautiful colour?  It looks so cool and elegant - I can't think of a room that it wouldn't suit!

Image 1 - Unknown Image 2 - here Image 3 - Flickr Image 4 - here Image 5 - here Image 6 - Skona Hem

Happy birthday Jacqueline @ Home - I hope you have a lovely day and your year is full of wonderful and beautiful things!

Image - In Style Magazine


  1. I have only just started a little flirtation with turquoise at home. I am the beige queen but this really lifts it out of the doldrums! Love the shot with the Tolix chair and shaggy ottoman xx

  2. Your photo for Jackie is so perfect, love it Leigh. I agree turquoise suits any room, in one hue or another. I love the desk with the floral print skirt. All are so pretty. Happy new week to you x

  3. It is also one of my favourite shades!
    So fresh, but also very vintage-y.
    I'd love that first or last bedroom in my beach house.
    Have a wonderful day Leigh.

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to your friend Jacqueline!

    I've been out shoveling snow all day, but I finally made myself a cup of tea and sat down to catch up on the blog world!

    I love turquoise, it's the color of the walls in our bedroom. It's bright and cheery and reminds me of the sea! Thanks for the lovely photos!

    Kat :)

  5. I'm totally in love with all the turquoise around at the moment!

    This is a gorgeous illustration Leigh of why it is so popular - its lovely!


  6. I love the colour, so fresh and pretty!!

  7. It is such a beautiful colour. Looks so fresh with the white trims.

    Love the picture for Jackie :)

  8. I am a bit slow on these things, but I'm definitely warming to turquoise. About six or so months ago I bid on and won a pair of white vintage pillowcases edged in blue crocheted trim on eBay. The trim turned out to be this shade of blue. At first I thought, well, maybe give them to someone. Then I thought: no, I may be loving this color really soon!

  9. To me turquoise definitely feels tropical and lighthearted.

  10. Love turquoise! I even gave the top of my craft table a wash of turquoise paint. -Lili

  11. I love turquaise!! I want (NEED!) the second room, please! xx

  12. I love turquoise too...have a bit of it everywhere. Lovely images!

  13. Turquoise has me smitten too. It looks so fresh in an all white room.

  14. I have been dreaming of bedroom with sand beige walls with bone white and "Tiffany turquoise" details. Maybe I should paint the walls and purchase new curtains and throw now and not wait for a new apartment somewhere in the future... It will look fresh in winter and summer. Already saw a great mohair throw in just right shade...

  15. i just started adding turq. little by little to most of my house.....i used to just have it at our beachhouse...when we sold it, i realized i missed the feel of our beach, we're slowly making our Austin home "beach" feeling..about to paint a pale aqua turq. in our master even...and we just completed a turquoise & white master bath... if my camera wasn't in repair, i'd be posting those photos now...but will hopefully this wknd!
    love your blog....


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