Monday, March 1, 2010

Love ... Jane Donaldson

Mend It

How to mend it - that unravelled part of what used to be whole in her ... could it be done alone ... would it require a skill  that was more than hers to give ... would they come to help set her right - would there always be the mark - would she always see the prick and stitch of her past.


Who was she really she wondered ... how would she find out she worried ... cautiously looking inward and with particular attention to the best of that which she found, she began to tender and care - to prune and to grow those parts.  She discovered finally what she did not at first see - that she was always there - just waiting to be found ... needing to be grown.

Only What You See

To know what she would be and what was to come for her was all she wished for ... and yet she knew that it was only in the doing and in the being that she would find her wish - that the living of the unknown and the breathing of a new day would bring the discovery of that unlit path that was hers alone to pursue.

In Me

One day she found in herself her true self  ... with careful attention she grew that truth, lived it and became beautiful - the way only she could be - the way she was meant to be ...

Nothing Left to Say

Relationships change and friends move on and sometimes there's just nothing left to say ...

Strange Places

Taken so far from her place of belonging  ... she seeks it onward, around and backward, not knowing when but knowing still that one day she would return to the beginning again.

Need Me

With arms outstretched and aching, she waits and wonders how they could survive without her  ... and if she will survive without them.

Images - Jane Donaldson


  1. What a beautifully illustrated story....thank you for such a nice moment. francine

  2. The artists you introduce us to through your blog are all quite extraordinary, this one is no exception. I'm still a big fan of Del Cooley too and hope to see her work on my wall one day..Rachaelx

  3. Awww....the love the last one with the birds. ~Lili

  4. I love the colors this artist uses!

  5. Well Leigh that did it!! Now I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face!

  6. Tolle Bilder, mein Favorit: 1 and 4 :)
    BR margaretha

  7. Admirei com muito prazer os belos traços e lindas cores usadas nesta obra de arte.


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