Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love .... (More) Tea Cups

Image 1 - here Image 2 - here Image 3 - Homes & Gardens Magazine Image 4 - here Image 5 - here Image 6 - here


  1. I attended my out of state book club meeting this past weekend. We only read the classics... this time was Our Mutual Friend by Dickens... and we always meet in a tea room. One of the highlights is getting to choose one's very own teacup and saucer from the shop's amazing collection. So much fun.

    Today I would choose the pink ones in your second photograph!

  2. So pretty , Im going to make myself a pot of tea & drink it from a pretty cup .......

  3. I adore all these images you found. I'm having my first giveaway and it's Tea Forte! Please stop by and leave a comment. If you are a tea lover it's a great giveaway!

  4. I have been lusting after the pink cameo cup in the first pic for a while now but I also love the cups in the last pic. The blue one is so pretty!

  5. Love the candles in the tea cups!
    When I traveled to London regularly, a long time ago, I grew very fond of afternoon tea, well.....truthfully, the clotted cream mostly....smiles.

  6. Love that image of the tea cups with the candles! Very good idea!

  7. Very pretty, I love to drink my tea out of a pretty tea cup.

  8. So pretty! I love all the creative uses of the teacups :)

  9. Dear Leigh,
    What an absolutely charming post. I will have to send you a picture, if I can find it, that you would love along these lines. The combination of beautiful flowers against the china is stunning! I love the candles too!
    Have I told you lately how incredible your property is? I need to digg a bit in your archives or maybe you can direct me to a post about your beautiful architecture and the layers of beautiful landscaping.
    Always so nice to visit you here.

  10. There's nothing like a pretty teacup - tea always tastes better in one :) These ones are all lovely Leigh x

  11. I love the candles in the teacup and I posted about your post.



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