Friday, May 28, 2010

Chelsea Flower Show

Hello from London.  After many attempts to see the Chelsea Flower Show I have actually managed it this year ... and I'm suffering from sensory overload!  It has certainly been worth the wait - this show really is every gardener's dream.

Images - Brabourne Farm


  1. Making me homesick!

    Someone described the Chelsea Flower show as 'rather good rings on rather grubby fingers' - wonderful!

  2. Love the Chelsea Flower Show, have only been once but it left me with a lifetime of very special memories.
    Love your blog too and was very concerned not getting my daily fix!
    Best wishes
    South Africa.

  3. Seu blog tem um visual lindíssimo, adoro as tulipas, os lírios, um jardim bem cuidado. Parabéns pelo bom gosto.

  4. Hello London;)....don't ask me how I got here, I visited so many blogs the last few days that I have really now idea, but I'm glad DID get here............those flowers are amazing!!! I can imagine the scents!!!!!!!! And all those colors!!!!! Stunning!!!!! really beautifull, thanks A LOT for sharing!!!

    Greatings from across the water;) (the netherlands)


  5. Wowwwwwww...are yopu in Londen now?? the Chelsea show is magnificent
    .....i really like it....i never been there but once i will be there.............hugs from me...

  6. Beautiful. We went to the New England Flower Show this year and it was fantastic. The smells, the sights... I didn't want to leave! xo

  7. Wish I was there! We did go a couple of years ago and it was the highlight of our trip.

  8. Oh there you are Leigh, all the way over on the other side of the world !
    Im sure we are going to see many beautiful images of your own in the coming weeks , can not wait ! Some of those flowers are so perfect they actually dont look real.
    Karyn x

  9. How absolutely beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing these lovely photos - I enjoyed feasting my eyes on each and every one! I MUST try to go next year! Cassandra ♥

  10. NOw you made me jealous.....but luckily you´re sharing some of the delights with your pictures!I am sure this was a wonderful event...always wanted to go there too!!!!! Maybe I wiull some day????

  11. oh Leigh this is like being in Heaven! so beautiful, I'm so jealous! enjoy! xo

  12. I have been wondering where you are! Wow, you lucky lady! It looks amazing. Loving so much of it in these pics, plase show us more!!
    Have a wonderful time Leigh :)

  13. Wow, these are stunning Leigh! I keep saying i must get myself over there one year, but i haven't made it yet. Bit silly really, a tax deductable trip like this - i'm mad not to organise it. So pretty!

    have a lovely weekend, jx

  14. Oh my gosh I was wondering where you had got too! That is just so wonderful, you must be in heaven Leigh. I'm so happy for you.

    Thank you for a glimpse into this gorgeous world.
    xoxo DJ

  15. More, more, more please Leigh,
    Please take more photographs, I too would love to go one day.

    I made a horse similar to the one in your photograph once for the Bong Bong races years ago. I must did it out.

    Thanks for your lovely email last week, I would love to catch up with you when you're back in the Highlands.

    It's been raining here ever since you left. Which is great for our gardens.

    Have a wonderful holiday,
    xx Coty

  16. Leigh, you lucky duck! I was looking to see which site you got the pictures from and realized they are your very own. Wow, have a great time.

  17. Lucky you, the photos look gorgeous.

    Leeann x

  18. The photographs are great and the flowers are to die for!! Need to put that on my 'to-do' list!!

  19. What a treat Leigh, being there in person!!!
    These pictures are incredible. Thanks so much for giving us a taste of what you are experiencing.
    Did you happen to see the NZ entry? (I'm just assuming there was one)

  20. Hi Leigh,
    ohhh yes Chelsea Flower Show is the greatet on earth.... lucky you. Enjoy your stay in London...

  21. Fabulous images. I absolutely love to garden. So glad to have found your blog.

  22. How beautiful is all is! I love the shot of the hyacinths and peonies... and that horse would be a big hit here. Thanks! Maryanne:)

  23. I am GIDDY over this post! The photos are amazing...every one. Thanks for sharing with those of us who wish we were there!

  24. Hi Leigh, well must say, I'm jealous with a capital J. Such garden awesomeness, you must be loving it. Lee :)

  25. Seriously, it looks like heaven.
    Flowers - all behaving good.

  26. Oh Leigh,
    Isn't Chelsea just the best flower show EVER ?!! The show gardens are out of this world, as are the smaller gardens. I loved the lock which was so realistic. The Australian garden was so emotional, as they were meant to be there last year but lost all of their plants and even lives in the bush fires. They were all in tears when they got their gold medal.
    .... and, the perfume in the tent is out of this world.....the sweet peas are intoxicating.
    Fabulous post, fabulous photographs and I'm sure that you are having a fabulous time. XXXX

  27. Oh, that is gorgeous!

  28. Gorgeous!! You are one lucky lady. I have always wanted to attend the Chelsea Flower Show. I read about it each year and long to go...

  29. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l

    have a great Sunday !!

  30. I can understand the "sensory overload"! The photos are gorgeous. What a fun thing to be able to do!

  31. I have always wanted to go! Thank you
    for taking me there with your beautiful

    Flora Doora

  32. Leigh

    I can so relate!! We must have passed each other...the crowds were unbelievable!! Beautiful much beauty.

    Enjoy your holiday...I am sure you will have a wonderful time.
    Look forward to seeing more!!


  33. Wonderful flowers, but most of all I love those bunnies...

  34. oh wow, that's fabulous Leigh. So happy you made it. Hope you're having a fabulous trip!! julesx

  35. Leigh I'm catching up on my blog reading and came across this post! I'm SO jealous and so happy for you! I know you are loving every minute of this trip!

    Kat :)


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