Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Step Right Up

I love that these gorgeous staircases are both functional and beautiful - they're not just there to get you up and down!


  1. The first and the last are wonderful !
    When I lived in Los Angeles, the second one, the tiled one was in my house.. nice , cool to bare feet in summer ..
    The last photo, I love just about everything in it :)

  2. For a split second I though you had my old house in the third picture there! Built in 1820, and I just loved that floor....

  3. I'm so envious of all these beautiful staircases!

  4. Hi Leigh,

    I LOVE stairs!!! I don't know why maybe 'cause my great grandmother had them in her house and when I was a little girl I SO wanted to climb them. I never did get to see upstairs and I've made a promise to myself that when the house comes up for sale I will go in and have a look around. I would so love them in a house and your images today are nothing short of stunning. Love the images also of the bird cages. Hope you have a great day.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tasmania

  5. Wow..it's like I could just walk right in those pictures! I especially love that first shot...the sun and those whites! So lovely!
    Blessings, Doni

  6. Have always loved that image of Yasmine's stairs in the first image, wish I was closer to her store...
    The Orange runner is fantastic, and the "dog closet" is really cute!!

    Northern Light

  7. oh these staircases are so gorgeous. I'm loving the chess floor one! xo

  8. I have lots of inspiration pictures of staircases in hopes of one day putting them to good use if we ever add on our sunroom and second story office. Thanks for giving me a few more to add to my files!

    Kat :)

  9. Lovely. I particularly like that first one.

  10. Inspiring staircases which I will keep in my mind as I paint the horrible banisters here in a diy attempt to make them look less pine-y! I love the cute little mud room tucked away in the under-stairs cupboard too.
    Clare x

  11. The second pic really reflects my style, the tiles are simply incredible. I love the warm tones, they remind me of my Caribbean roots.

  12. I find the last one so interesting, but as usual my eye was caught on that rather cute dog.

  13. Beautiful stairs!!!! I like a lot the two before the last one!!
    Kisses from Italy

  14. I absolutely ADORE a wonderful staircase. It's often the first glimpse one gets of an interior style and sets the scene for what lies ahead. Wonderful images, and since I've recently moved to a house with a staircase simply begging for an overhaul - much food for thought! Thank you.
    Mrs. Sutton :)

  15. Those are some beautiful stairways! I've been "clipping" photos online and putting them in a photobucket account as we look to purchase land and begin building in the next year. Several stairways have made it into my "album" :D Thanks for sharing!


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