Friday, August 13, 2010

Love .... Pink Poppies


  1. Deqar Leigh,
    Aren't they gorgeous ....just like delicate tissue paper. They actually usually seed themselves in our garden but, this is the first year that they haven't. I think that I must plant some more. XXXX

  2. This post is making me think about renting a sod lifter again and digging out another garden...if only the rabbits didn't gorge on poppies. Then again, we could rent a post hole digger too for some fencing around all the gardens...any chance for a garden fencing blog post?

  3. I love Poppies so much.
    From my home in Los Angeles, to a friends garden in New York, I have always loved them and wanted them for my own garden. Why don't I have any ? :)

  4. absolutely gorgeous... come on spring.. xx Julie


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